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Graphic Design & Branding Photography Computer Software/Hardware Mantainence Offline Marketing / Promoter Other Online Marketing Layout Design Network Engineering & System Administration

‌I am Aung Myo Set (aka) Andrew.I'm a dedicated and passionate professional with broad experience in Computer Networking, Business Development, Designing, Education, Marketing, Team Management, Events Management and Recruitment in the Education, Recruitment Service, IT  industry. I’m also ab...

Content Writing Admin Assistant

Skills - Computer(Office Application Course),English(Intermediate Level),Team Player,Patient,Creative Writing,Hospitality.Experience - Admin Staff-10months(ACE Construction Co,.Ltd),Personal Assistant of Director-2years(Ministry of Labour,Employment and Social Security),Digital Marketing(F...

Graphic Design & Branding Photography Computer Software/Hardware Mantainence

General Translation

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Content Writing

Dear Sir; I am applying for the position of content writer  which I saw psot recently on Facebook. I am extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe I am well qualified. As you will see on my enclosed resume, I have worked as a Presenter, Video Journalist...

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Computer Software/Hardware Mantainence Network Engineering & System Administration

Content Writing

ရိုးသားကြိုးစားပြီး ပေးအပ်သည့်အလုပ်တာဝန်များကို ကျေပွန်စွာလုပ်ဆောင်နိုင်သူ 

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Graphic Design & Branding Layout Design